Look, college grad turns down 40K job.

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    Because he wants to start at the top as his first job. So he lives at home all bills paid waiting for a CEO level type job. I wonder how many unemployed college grads are refusing to work?

    Over the last five months, only one job materialized. After several interviews, the Hanover Insurance Group in nearby Worcester offered to hire him as an associate claims adjuster, at $40,000 a year. But even before the formal offer, Mr. Nicholson had decided not to take the job.

    American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation


    Comment which to me makes sense.

    "Scott made a mistake by turning down the offer at the insurance company. He was holding out for a better position. However, what he is not realizing is that the best way to get a job is to already have a job. The stability of holding down a position, combined with the experience, is invaluable in getting higher positions.
    Furthermore, and this is harsh, but beggars can't be choosers. Most every college graduate is unemployed right now, and he really isn't in a position to be turning down job offers."
  2. What a spoiled pos little baby.
  3. LOL
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    "If all had gone well, he would have emerged in 10 weeks as a second lieutenant, "
    10 weeks to be an officer. what a soft country.
  5. America as a nation is becoming soft, fat and lazy and weak.

    That Article about that college grad is a perfect example of our up coming soft generation who never had to deal with adversity or struggle, so they grow up very soft indeed.

    American parents coddled their kids way too much.

    If you think the Millenials are soft.

    This is the Post Millenials. (Image below)

  6. Reality strikes... hard.
    Even harder for poseurs.
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    If that's 40K net in Worcester he would have been just fine right now for the next 2-4 years...live a bit outside the city CHEAP (heck buy a house) or rent...hell commute from Boston/home for f's sake!

    "Rather than waste early years in dead-end work, he reasoned, he would hold out for a corporate position that would draw on his college training and put him, as he sees it, on the bottom rungs of a career ladder."

    "In better times, Scott’s father might have given his son work at Endeavor, but the father is laying off workers, and a job in manufacturing, in Scott’s eyes, would be a defeat."

    This says it all. You want money? Either get a job and take something, or go to work for yourself. Otherwise, get left behind.

    Let's say that was 40K net: about $20/hour.

    "And if Scott does not have a job by then? “I’ll do something temporary; I won’t go back home,” Scott said. “I’ll be a bartender or get work through a temp agency. I hope I don’t find myself in that position.” "

    Temp/bartender...hmmm, $10/hour if you're lucky, maybe $15? If course that's likely not full time either....

    I mean heck if the kid had at least an IDEA of what he wanted to do, or a possible pathway to take so as turning this down would continue to allow him to pursue that dream...

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    F*ck him... about 300 million equally or more qualified Indians will take the job for half of what the employer offered him, AND the Indians even know some math (which can kinda be helpful if you're and insurance adjuster).
  9. It is this sense of entitlement that will kill our once prosperous and proud nation.

    I've been on the job hunt in the craigslist and monster age. I was able to send off resumes and follow ups for every job that I was remotely qualified for in an hour, in the evening, while enjoying a beer. Take the $40k job, continue applying for your dream job.

    Walking in for an interview with a "I'm looking for the perfect place to work" attitude is going to give you a helluva lot more confidence than "holy crap I need anything because my parents finally cut me off".
  10. Typical american, full of nothing but entitlement.
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