Look at X and STLD to regain 50 dma

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Tarzan, Sep 15, 2021 at 7:55 AM.

  1. Tarzan


    look for both X and STLD to regain their respective 50 dma on an “intraday basis” today.
    You can also put NUE on this list today.
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  2. maxinger


    look at X. it is so messy / it is moving sideway.
    only a magical indicator can help us trade X.

    It is better for you to ask questions rather than
    to teach.

    alternatively, you should put this thread under
    Journal category.
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  3. destriero


    Dude, if this comprises your system then you’re doomed.
  4. Tarzan


    But they all did what I said they would do. I made money on X and NUE. Why, because I followed my trader instincts. I hope some of you made money of my post.
  5. maxinger


    Well. We don't get tips from other people.
    We do our own analysis.

    The way I see it,
    the way you trade is very scary.
    If you trade live, you'd have to top up your account
    quite soon.

    Anyway, all the best to you mister.
  6. Tarzan


    I appreciate the feedback maxinger. I am actually very careful and do employ protective stops. Knowing where to put in a stop is almost a science in itself.
  7. Tarzan


    X broke above the 50 dma and then pulled back right to it today. The script can be easy to read sonetimes.