Look At Those Fat Premiums...

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Wow, don't remember seeing them that fat in a long time...

    Almost $19 for next weeks 1295 S&P 500 put...wow...
  2. Yeah, it's very fat. 57 mid for the Aug monthly. Looks so good that I just shorted the 1300 straddle outright. Thanks.
  3. atticus, cant tell if you are being sarcastic. Did you really go into this weekend with a short straddle?
  4. Hahaha, yeah, I did a fiver at 57.00 synthetic.
  5. iprph90


    i'm looking for no deal monday am for more inflated options......although, i have sold some dec 1125 and below puts.
  6. atticus, could you translate this? English is not the first language for many of us here.

    the way i understood it, and please correct me:

    you went Long (?) 5x SPX straddles expiring Aug 11 2011 (?) (European style). which strike, 1295?

    for 1295 I have the following closing prices that match your quote.
    Put 27.30
    Call 30.43

    The position cost is $57x5x100 = $28.5K. It is not straddle per se, but a combination of call/put/underlying (i.e. "synthetic")
  7. Short the 1300 straddle.
  8. ok, thanks.
  9. looks like senate and house are rejecting each other party's bill lol. Next week's setup for the market will be interesting. 0 chance US will default either way but the market may not care.

    I long 20x sds aug 21-22 strangle in my 401k at $2.3
  10. zeptoon


    Do you have a plan for hedging?

    I'm assuming you mean you shorted 2x on the put side.. if something messed up happens/had happened were you just going to eat the loss?
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