Look At This Excellent Chart: What A Steep Recession Looks Like

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  1. This was from October of 2008 - things are much worse now:

    The Fall of the Mall


    What does a recession look like? Well, here’s one view, as seen through retail sales. The theoretical mall maps below show 27 companies with stores or restaurants in malls across America. (In some cases, these companies own more than one chain of stores.) In the bottom map, the change in the size of the stores is determined by sales in the first quarter of 2009 as compared to the same quarter in the previous year. Color in the bottom map is meant to indicate the depth of the drop — or the height of the rise — in sales. The deeper the red, the steeper the loss.

  2. Nice visual. Recessions are suppose to remove excess from the system and IMHO it won't be over until several of those businesses liquidate.
  3. Good second chart but I have beef with the first.

    What exactly is the first graph based off again? It's not sales as it claims because Wal-Mart should be several times larger yet J.C. Penny looks bigger than Wal-Mart yet it has a fraction of the sales.
  4. There are alot more jc pennys in malls across america than walmarts in malls.
  5. this is already been known

    Walmart and dollar store is making money

    but SAKS's sales down big time

    Radioshack surprised me though