LOOK AT THIS CHART - all you predicting mofos, what will SPY do next?

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What's it gonna do?

  1. It's gonna go down

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  2. It's gonna go up

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  3. I'm not an ET guru and I can't predict price direction. Sorry, I'm not selling a trading course via

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  1. So the last thread was to predict if SPY would break out of that triangle to the upside or down side.

    We now have the answer.

    Have a look at this pic and then vote what you think is going to happen.

    Those of you who claim to be able to predict stock movement, here is your chance :D Unfortunately ET doesn't allow public polls to see who voted for which option.

  2. sorry I left out a chart option:

    "You didn't put MACD on that chart. How am I supposed to be able to tell where price is going to go now?"
  3. I don't predict. I cannot predict. But I hope it goes down so I can buy more at a better price :D
  4. 140 views and 9 votes? Really? At least 4 of you guys are honest and say you can't predict direction.

    What's wrong? None of you system-selling gurus with the ability to predict direction want to chime in?
  5. LEAPup


    Triangle broken with volume. We'll see... Looks like a short shopping list is in order.
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  6. Bob111


    why predict? let the price decide where to go...once trend was established and visible to you-jump in..imo-this is not the safest place on the chart for entry
  7. Is that not predicting?

    Cuz what you're basically saying is "once trend is established" (however you do that) "price has a better chance of continuing to go with the trend."

    Or in other words, price isn't random.

    Or in other words, it's predictible (because it's not random).
  8. . Exactly. I will say this though. There's one trader who used to post here that could do this with such precision it was scary.
  9. I’m using P&F charts more and more as a secondary reading to find another source of S&R and especially price objectives. This stock (market) has run its race for the time being. It’s tired. The sell in May and go away is coming early this year. My first count down is to the 122 area and then we’ll create the next down count from that point. No way IMO it reverses back up right here.
  10. Pekelo


    Has it occured to you that some people can predict SOMETIMES, meaning NOT all the times???

    I know, strange concept.... Maybe those 4 folks just meant , sorry, this is not the time when my tea leaves lining up the proper way...
    #10     Mar 11, 2011