Look at these headlines today!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by S2007S, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    * Barclays to Buy ABN Amro for $91 Billion in World's Biggest Bank Purchase

    * AstraZeneca to Purchase MedImmune for $15.2 Billion, Gaining Flu Vaccines

    * Bank of America to Buy ABN's LaSalle for $21 Billion, Be No. 1 in Chicago

    * Barclays Leads Biggest Day for Takeovers Since AOL-Time Warner's 2000 Deal

    * Icahn Agrees to Sell Four Casinos to Goldman's Whitehall for $1.3 Billion

    * Goldman Raises $20 Billion for Leveraged Buyouts, Rivaling Blackstone Fund

    * Genesco Rejects Foot Locker's $1.2 Billion Unsolicited Offer as Too Low
  2. Sounds like the headlines you would expect near a major bottom of the market!!!!!! Valuations are too cheap, companies go private. No longer want to remain undervalued with bears and short sellers manipulating prices down!!! GO MARKET $$$!!
  3. And people thought the LBO died with the Internet Boom!!!! It's still alive and well, they just call it Private Equity now.