Look at These Dumb Trump Supporters!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by piezoe, Mar 14, 2021.

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    from this am's Bloomberg.

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    Tony Stark

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    Everyone has been misinformed, mislead and manipulated. Trust has been replaced with self delusion. Our scientists are exploring the usefulness of bio labs, even paying China to do illegal research which is just as bad as corporate bought politicians using fascism and gestapo tactics.
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    "dumb" Trump supporter is redundant OP
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  5. Oh look. Another divisive thread at ET. My gawd. This is getting old.
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    Another word that's thrown around willy-nilly, a bunch of times, by people that are clueless, to people that are clueless.

    As long as there are magatards, and the things they stand for;
    then there will be people against them. A.K.A ... division.

    Either you stand united with clowns;
    or you stand divided against them.

    The U.S. was born out of division.
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  7. You are one of the most divisive creatures ever to exist at ET. I bet you are proud of that.

    Anyone can start a thread like this one. Anyone. It is not special at all.

    It's useless. Actually it's a negative for the community here at ET.

    People get stuck on one side of the Political fence and become psychotic about it.

    I guess it makes them feel superior to others kind of like how the Nazi's did.
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    Yet African Americans have nearly the lowest rates of vaccination among any ethnic group. In fact, white Americans are being vaccinated at a rate 3 times higher than Black Americans. New CDC figures show that of those who have received at least the first dose of a vaccine, 5.4% are Black people, compared to 60% who are white people. According to recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, about 35% of Black Americans said they don’t plan to get the vaccine, citing fears about safety and concerns that the vaccines are so new.

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    And this has what to do with my post regarding 'division?'
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    You Trump Deranged Syndrome ET trolls need to be locked up in an asylum for your own good. President Donald Trump still lives in your heads rent free. Ha ha ha ha! You guys are too much of an idiot to notice everyone is laughing at your sorry asses with derision. Now, put your pacifier in your mouths little babies and go back to sleep. We adults will deal with the problems in life.
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