Look at the strength of the Yen

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  1. You would never know this country suffered a major earthquake and tsunami resulting in multiple nuclear meltdowns.
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    Yeah, I agree. But what is your take regarding this matter?
  3. Go long.
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    Justification ?

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  5. Ive just loaded up on the Usd/Jyp at 76.78,
    target 79.95! :cool:
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    Because a currency that just made new highs against USD can't keep making new highs, is that the logic?
  7. Are you still holding?

  8. Ofcourse i am mate,
    am very pleased that the price slid abit lower as it gave me the opportunity to buy even more at a better price.. :D

    Im not expecting this to be a long slow uptrend,
    im expecting the market to float sideways and maybe even drift down,
    but then when the BoJ next intervene to weaken their currency (im hopeful it will be over weekend, if not then next week) that the market will rocket up 200-300pips in a few seconds in a vertical line.

    As thats exactly what it did 2 weeks ago when they interevened, and every other time over the last 25years they have intervened.
  9. it could be weeks or months before they intervene. just the threat that they might in the "near future" keeps the price supported and buying them time.
  10. Deflation is always preceeded by inflation. Behooves me why anyone would long other currencies right now (effectively shorting the USD). USD is not getting trashed.... It will appreciately in value over the medium-long term.
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