Look at the futures!!

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  1. Equities tanking and Crude Spiking and it's 630pm on a Sunday!!!

    Damn hurricanes
  2. shit, that's why i'm switching over to swing trading very soon - one day the market will gap lower black monday style and i won't make shit off of it so long as i close everything out at 4 everyday.
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    Yay me staying short over the weekend :D

    Swing trading is all I do.
  4. Hi,
    is there anybody out there long on oil from the open?

    And what about who was carrying long equities positions over the week-end?
  5. wn_leader


    Bonds and Notes up sharply on open. Concerns about insurance losses, hit to the economy from storm, etc?
  6. Heh... greenspan is gonna have a fit when long-term yields drop even further. So much for tring to crash the housing market.
  7. From all that I've been reading and hearing on these boards and elsewhere, I sense a tremedous amount of fear as to what may happen Monday. I'm soo fucking pissed I didn't hold onto my shorts from several days ago - biggest fucking mistake ever.
  8. The Russell is at "London Bombings" support levels.
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    This hurricane doesn't have the same feel of the London bomb attacks. Remember the gap down open we had then and everyone rushing to buy the futures shortly after? That was the mother of "buy" signals but this time the market "feels" different.

    I bet Greenspan turns on the liquidity spigots wide open tomorrow. Will see what happens.
  10. Reminds me of the panic of 1907 caused by the SF earthquake. Not that I was there to remember. And the market reacts instaneously instead of waiting months to make its move. But this is looking like it might be the worst natural disaster since that earthquake.
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