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  2. Here is the big picture. What do we know about price when it gets into these triangles? It can pop out either way...
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    Dent's fund didn't do well and it was retired eventually...
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    NASDAQ 20,000 by 2009?????
    DOW 40,000 end of decade???

    maybe by the end of 2025

    not happening anytime soon......

    Dent gives us all something to look forward to, including:

    * The Dow hitting 40,000 by the end of the decade

    * The Nasdaq advancing at least ten times from its October 2001 lows to around 13,500, and potentially as high as 20,000 by 2009

    * Another strong advance in stocks in 2005, with a significant correction into around September/October 2006

    * The Great Boom resurging into its final and strongest stage in 2007, and even more fully in 2008, lasting until late 2009 to early 2010
  5. Hmm, nice chart. Great opportunity coming up if we get another rinse day.
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  7. if this is a critique of technical analysis, its the best one i've ever seen...
  8. Are both the charts listed in wave V? I dont really understand elliot wave, but this looks kinda like an easy one for those who do?
  9. Barney is a Satanist! :D
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