look at SOLF--I am long now

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  1. bought some on the pullback..i think it breaks 17 again..look at the volume,....i'll be quick though as i hate the markets today.
  2. hitman you know the stonedinvestor loves you-- not in that way! The other. I really don't like Solarfun and I would not be playing with it. Sure all the solar crap is moving. Sure I'm bitter. Yes I passed on a big block of DSTI a while back-- yes someone on ET told me not to take it, yes, yes, yes... However This company did a shady thing at their IPO just before it they issued a lot of weird stock and gave it all away under the market real bush league also the key to these solar plays is the ability to get input materials and in this area the company has no plan.

    A key to appraising solar companies is looking at their risk sections. Everyone knows rising silicon prices is a risk; what's important are the tactics companies use to get around the problem. Solarfun is relying on costlier short-term contracts and prepaying silicon suppliers, which is risky if its suppliers can't get their hands on suppliers.

    This already happened in 2006. "Some of our major silicon-wafer suppliers failed to fully perform during 2006 on their silicon wafer supply commitments to us, and we consequently did not receive all of the contractually agreed quantities of silicon wafers from these suppliers," Solarfun said.

    That's why Trina which has soared to the moon they have a business model that uses scrap silicon.....

  3. This would be the one now...
    ESLR avg short position price is $10.71. Stock at $10.76 right now and has 16.63 million shares short. There is $180 million that needs to cover if ESLR closes over $10.72.
  4. SOLF -7.3%.....