Look at silver go (down)!

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  1. The top trendlines are 3 options depending on which tops you connect.

    The bottom ones are their corresponding lines. They're color coded so you can see which ones go together.

    I put circles around the points on the lower lines so you can see which bottoms I used to determine their positioning.

  2. Yeah. Bearish on metals for a long time. I think the longs continue to peel out of their positions as they slowly realize there is no bottom in sight and who knows how low we go.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I like my fingers, so I won’t be trying to catch any falling knives in gold or silver. I would be interested in buying some physical if it falls enough though.
  5. C6H12O6


    Me too, I could buy physical below 8$, may be 6$. And gold below 800-750$.

    That's well after Zerohedge readers will have put guns in their mouths :D
  6. silver has gone from 42 to 4 before, 91% decline. Woofta :)

    I'm in gdx from a couple months back with the expectation to hold for life but dang they've hit it hard and a lot of miners will likely go under if this continues. That is why you don't put all your eggs in one basket !!!!!!!

    Check out these aapl and gold charts..:D :D :D

    Margin calls from GLD and AAPL Muppets across the board I bet.

    Very similar charts though
  7. eventually the industrial use will dry up all the physical silver around if prices don't rebound. for anyone with a long-term view this is just another amazing buying opportunity. next time it breaks 50 the sky will be the limit and it'll likely happen in the next 10 years (and basically a triple in 10 years ain't too shabby in and of itself)
  8. I don't read that site. What is going on with silver and gold over there?
  9. Are you saying the price of silver will get so low that all the industrial companies who use it will buy all of it?

    The price of silver stayed relatively flat for like 20 years after the first bubble crashed. Why didn't that happen then?
  10. simply put we come up with more uses for silver in tech every year and the mines can't keep up with demand. prices dropping only tightens the production and makes the inevitable squeeze more likely.

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