Look at America Rally!!

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  1. This is fantastic. It will never go down!
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    Look at europe break out to new highs. Walking the wall of worry and there is plenty of that about at the moment.
  3. Climbing it, actually they are coming out of a big slump in consumer spending and corporate confidence.

  4. areyoukidding?

    09-30-05 05:49 PM

    Sound familiar???
  5. areyoukidding,

    You are a complete moron. Stop starting threads that are worthless observations. If you need someone to talk to bother your mommy. You're polluting this website with utter garbage.
  6. hope you're reaping the world wind....:)
  7. well it,s 1.43 and look like the market it giving the gains back
  8. I think we should call it the america manuplating Rally :)
  9. Maybe you should switch from counting beans and get a set, then you can talk.

  10. where :confused:
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