Longshot running scared!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by axeman, May 23, 2004.

  1. Longshot has been talking smack about my comp sci skills
    and laughs at the thought that my backtesting software smokes
    wealth lab in performance.

    I have CHALLENGED longshot to take my $100,000 bet
    that my backtesting software is faster.

    But the little chicken shit just runs and hide and continues
    to EVADE the bet.

    TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP you drunk idiot :p

    I have $100 Gs that says my stuff is faster than WL

    Come on longshot you chicken shit!! Take the bet or prove
    to all YOU ARE SCARED SHITLESS of my skills :p

    If the FIRST post does not ACCEPT this bet, you are officially
    a full of shit COWARD. But we already know that :p

    Lets see what DUMBASS does now :p

    Waiting to take your money.... :D


  2. nachos


    To be perfectly honest I can't blame anyone from shying away from you. Your posts look like a cheap billboard or maybe a sick shrine to this Longshot guy. YOU are obviously obsessed over this dude.

  3. Your car is faster than my tractor. But my tractor can grade a road, dig a hole, load gravel...

    Most any compiled programming language will be faster than the WLD script interpreter. But the many many built-in backtesting specific functions, optimizer, NN, Montecarlo, Portfolio Testing, Data Access, etc, etc, features put it miles ahead of yours, or anybody's homebrew code. Speed isn't everything.

  4. Oh, yet another brand new alias to talk shit.
    Whats is this? Your 5000th alias longshot? :p

    Dumb ass.

    Anyone with 2 eyes can see that longshot has followed
    me to about 100 threads just to talk shit.

    He is my PERSONAL STALKER. Everwhere I go, he follows
    and talks shit. He is pathetic.



  5. Well DUH...... thats why longshot is such an IDIOT for
    talking shit about performance.

    He doesnt realize how incredibly stupid he looks for laughing
    at my claims that my stuff is much faster. Anyone with
    HALF A BRAIN for technology would easily know this.

    This is precisely why he can only TALK SHIT and cant never
    back it up and take the bet.

    I will take his money. All $10 of it. ROFLMAOOOOOOOO :D

    Notice - he hasnt dared to show his idiotic face here :D
    Well....at least not using his longshot alias.

    Aint that right pete? :D



  6. I have to agree with Nachos. You really have to get more serious about taking your meds. Don't kid yourself... It's not as good as you might think...
  7. If your agreeing with nachos/longshot, you better lay off
    the crack pipe.

    Hey... tell ya what, if you dont think my framework isnt
    faster than WL, Ive got $100Gs that says your wrong.

    Pony up... ill be happy to take your money as well :D



  8. Turok


    Freakin' VB is faster than WL.

    (but I'd sure hate to have to program all the cool stuff that WL does).