Longs throw party-shorts show up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. longs tried to throw a party but a bunch of drunkin shorts showed up. damn,the shorts were all pumped up and saw blood. i wonder what that maniac pumpanddumper did today? after leaving his favorite go go bar,he proably shorted the agriculture stocks.

  2. Please see my dumb money thread at 12,700.

    Long story short I throw a fat red candle at @12,700(by a considerable amount of an ETF). Some douche's throw a fatter white candle up my ass to 12,725. I sweat out a $900 swing to come back to my entry and bail.

    Of course I don't re-enter higher up and then the bear protection team and AA save bears asses on the fade. I push on the day.

    I juiced too much at once. Should of eased in at various levles. F me.
  3. 1375.....
  4. sp500 was a nice fade this afternoon!

    DJ Euro Stoxx 50 made me some nice pocket change today too, all in euro dollars, win win situation!

    I trade the trend of the day but I love it when a trend stops and reverses to the downside.
  5. go back into the tool shed idiot.
  6. How about you buy high and sell higher. How's that momentum buy at the top today?

    You are lucky bull princess.