Longs on Crude Oil Banned!!!!

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  1. Agassi


    Ok. Now Govt. has banned shorts in order to "protect" every one.

    Why didn't the government ban longs or upside more than say $80 on crude oil as well?

    Looking to start an intellectual discussion....HBS case study...on ET :D
  2. sprstpd


    I'm sure it will be the next regulation to pass.
  3. Agassi


    Just like Ayn Rand's story in Atlas Shrugged....some thing big will happen..

    All these policies are targeted for a select "few" and not for the benefit of most of us.....
  4. Agassi


    The National Association of Home Builders cut off
    all political funding (around $20m, 65% to Republicans
    and the rest to Dems) in February after a tax refund
    clause failed to make it into an economic stimulus
    package passed back in January. Just yesterday, the US
    Senate agreed to a bill that lets the same homebuilders
    to "carry back" recent losses to earlier years of
    profit!! Now, the Congeressional Budget Office (CBO)
    figures that the taxpayer will end up paying the
    homebuilders approximately $6b, a very large percentage
    of which will end up in the coffers of the very same
    homebuilders that are partially responsible (along with
    end American greed!) for the mess that we are in right
    now. Some scoundrels ("All politicians are
    scoundrels", GB Shaw)up in Washington tout this as a
    measure to avoid distressed prices and prevent layoffs.

    Bull Shit!

    The last credit card bill that I paid late was when I
    was back in school (1993-94). I, as a taxpayer am being
    penalized for paying my cards on time, paying up my
    mortgages on time and in general, for being circumspect
    about my fiscal responsibilities. I am being forced to
    pay to rescue companies and individuals that did not
    have a sense of fiscal responsibility and just pandered
    to their own whims and greed.

    This country is going to the dogs -- as long as idiot
    politicians who are in the back pockets of corporate
    america are around and as long as special interest
    groups are around, this country will never learn what it
    means to be fiscally responsible. After all, fiscal
    responsibility has to start from a grass roots level
    and that means you, I and the rest of the people that
    inhabit this country. This malaise thrives up every
    orifice - we are a huge debtor nation.

    Let the homebuilders and mindless people that accumulated
    debt fail. That's the only way true capitalism will
    work because that is being responsible for the actions we

    I've never been able to trade T-bond futures profitably.
    I would be a lot richer if I could just get my losses on
    those things paid back to my by the US government. Now,
    why would you not want to pay for that one?

    I detest/hate/resent/loathe what is happening. We are
    all thieves as we are stealing from future generations
    by not letting the people that need to take pain, take

    Very soon you will read that the National Association
    of Homebuilders has re-instated its political contributions,
    or even doubled it. Here we call them "lobby groups" but
    we point to other countries and call it "bribery
  5. Well said. Lobby Group=Bribery. Special names don't change the inherent characteristic.
  6. Because corrupt oil men run the white house.

    If idiot were from North Carolina cotton would cost more then gold.
  7. US govt can control the equity and financials in the US. How do you propose the US take control of the 90% of the world oil production that is controlled by cartels and other govt?

    If the US can solve the energy problem internally and be energy independent, that will go a long way towards solving the financial crisis.
  8. I wish people had listened to Ayn Rand

    Imagine if we had her economics writer as head of the federal reserve

    ...oh wait, we did (Allan Greenspan)
  9. The lobby is hired to win votes for their clients. The win votes by giving congressmen money, booze, drugs, hookers, vacations....

    Nothing wrong with that. Any salesman is going to give something to make a sale.

    It is all the fault of the congressman if he makes votes based on his gifts.

    Its the same as trying to give a cop $50 to get out of a ticket. If he is straight he will say no or even arrest you, If he is sly he will take the money and let you go. It is the morals of the cop that needed to be judged
  10. Longs on Crude Oil Banned!!!!


    now that's one I like!

    Let's balance out the no-shorting on the stocks with, all the shorting you want to on oil!

    If we can get the shorting-financial-to-kingdom-come crowd something to do, could be a win-win!

    You know, they are working late this weekend 'makin this shit up as we go-along', somebody place a quick call to the rabble in DC, (otherwise known as the, er hmm, 'The Administration', (said in deepened and respectively tone), and whisper it their ears.

    You never know, lots of room (empty space) in the 'ole suggestion box' they call their heads.

    ps, apparently their synapses require lots of 'static-charge' in order to fire, so it may take more than a WHISPER to get through to them.
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