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Discussion in 'Forex' started by kalzayani, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys been a while.. :)
    I Just shorted the eur/usd
    for longer term position
    Target 1.24
    GBP/JPY seems to want to south for 218 area
    so does eur/jpy
    USD/CAD IMO will play some tricks these days
    It really wants 1.08 for longer term positions
    So probably EUR/CAD is heading south for a while
    Cable target 1.88 for some time then 1.72
  2. kalzayani,

    Would you post a EUR/USD chart showing more what you're talking about? Do you have any fundamental reasoning behind that trade? I've been long USD/JPY. After that spike in the dollar on Friday I wanted to be long on it. I also like USD/JPY's chart. What would you say on that one? Thanks.

  3. gkishot


    Is it like as far as 1 year long position?
  4. I will Jim

    the other thing Guys is GBP/JPY
    it is very near crashing

    I think 229.85

    eur/usd today tops at 1.3302
    Heads to 1.303
    Then up again maybe to 1.34
    AUD/USD is fished here
    Should do a dive to .7765
  5. Doing Intra day Short on EUR/CAD around 1.5270
    PT at 1.513
    Stop 1.5312
    Trail 10 pips
  6. USD/JPY Seem will play strange
    116.3 Intraday Buy
    Might head to 118 area then dive again
    all week into 114 to 113.5
    for longer term rallie Into Jan 2007 to 122
  7. eur/jpy is crashing within 24 hours IMO
    SHould be a year's drop
  8. GBP/JPY Just entered short 229.85
    Wish me luck dudes
    Hope it won't jum to 232
  9. GBP/JPY could do 400 points till friday
  10. I can defintely see EUR/JPY or GBP/JPY making a move downward sometime soon. I've been getting in and out of USD/JPY, basically breaking even. Looking for a move to 120+. Thoughts?
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