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    Do they do real-time calls or just setups before the market opens each day?

    Mr. Toad
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  2. Toad:

    Longbull gives you a list of stocks with potential target and exit prices. If market isn't strong or weak enough, they email you to exit. I wouldnt have known the market was going to tank in the last 30 minutes today. Was able to keep my profit because of their alert.
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  3. swing


    Same here :D Account is 100% cash for this long weekend. Monday can open with a gap down and I would still be zen :p .
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    Ha! This thread is such a joke. Its like choosing between loser #1 and loser #2. I personally nominate:

    www. i can't trade so i have to rely on other people's picks. com
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    Tuesday not monday.......
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    I guess your up 500% for the month. Be prepared to appear on CNBC.
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  7. LOL:D :D
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    I have to agree with Stockman. I can't imagine basing my trades on a subscription website or black box software...but best of luck to you.

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  9. That's the problems with traders. Most of traders (including myself) find their own strategy the best. If they lose, it's because of market conditions or the broker or market makers or Greenspan .... I don't know about the other sites but I do know that longbull.com is great for new traders who just entered the market. My wife uses it and has made profit. She has never traded before signing up with longbull and doesn't know the difference between marubuzu and doji candlesticks. She does make money by buying and selling according to the recommendations. I tried many times to teach her Moving Averages and Stochastics but she doesn't really care. I have to admit that they know how the market moves and pay a lot of attention to technical indicators indicating trend reversal. I assume they monitor constantly the TRIN, TICK, and Volatility index. I am a gap trader so I dont use their strategy but I am glad that my wife is making money instead of emptying my IB account
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    Where does Baron and/or this thread's moderator draw the line and decide that this thread is just one long advertisement?
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