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  1. Has anyone used this wesite? $95/month and they boast a great profit history.
  2. They are all sucker bets ...
  3. swing


    I have been using it for the past 3 weeks. So far, they have been doing pretty well.

    first week- $700
    second week breakeven
    third week $500

    You gotta follow their system very closely though because ther stocks do move - up or down.
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    I took the free trial and the service is decent, but I'm sticking to momentumstockplays.com. Not only are there more potential plays, the site is educational as well. Also, it's 1/2 the cost.
  5. Longbull.com and Momentumstockplays.com....between these 2, which is the one best suited for purely intra day trading of stocks??? Also, is either one better suited for listed stocks (not NAZ)??
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    Momentumstockplays.com takes more of a swing approach but I still use it on a intraday basis with success. If you're looking for plays that offer a 1/4 to a 1/2 reward, don't waste your money on it though. I took the trial with longbull.com and the service is ok, but nowhere comparable to the other. And, it's more expensive.

  7. For PURE DAYTRADE, definitely longbull. They do trade NASDAQ stoks.
  8. What kind of $ are you making with momentumstockplays.com?

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    It's going to be difficult to judge the website based on my performance. I started trading in June with $6,800. Unfortunately, the small nut to start with has and will continue to restrict my trading until I can build it up and not be subject to the PDT rules. I'm using the website for all of my trades, but I've been too quick to take my profits since I am in this stage. Since I began, I've made 53 trades with 6 being losers. My account is up 106%. Once I'm able to build my account up, I'm confident I'll do a lot better when I can afford the luxury of holding my positions longer until they measure out.

  10. And I clipped a million trading Waxie's calls - LAST MONTH. How about showing us a trading log?

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