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  1. empee


    I think we're going to test new highs.

    Hard to believe with oil, katrina, economy etc but I think we stand a good chance and then its up to seeing how hard the squeeze is whether we break into new uptrends.

    Trading wise == bullish, real life == majorily bearish.

    Trading is so funny.
  2. Yeah!
    (as long as you don't have to ask at ET's to go long? or short?)
  3. ===================
    Thats actually quite typical ,
    of good bull markets/shrugs off bad news;
    reguardless, OCT teck stocks tend to downmove notably:cool:

    And even though it didnt happen last OCT;
    still tends to be a good pattern,
    OCT tek stocks usually dip so much =good buy.:D
  4. dis


    The market has yet to discount the possibility of a recession caused by a sticker shock at the gas pump. I almost drove off the road when I saw the price of regular unleaded at a local gas station - $3.31/gallon. The gas station was nearly empty, and the roads appeared to be half deserted.

    If rattled consumers stop driving their SUV's from one megamall to another chasing cheap chinese-made stuff like there were tomorrow, the US economy may cave in along with the stock market. All bets are off if there is a shortage of gas.

    Yesterday, I took some chips off the table reducing my exposure by a third. I am looking for a Labor Day rally to unload half of what is left.
  5. empee


    i went long nq with 10 pt stop on the december nq futures, we'll see what happenz QQQQ = 38.92 for the record, looking to sell around 40.50 on qqqq
  6. hajimow


    Market will smell the reality and will correct itself. I am short. It won't crash. It will correct itself.
  7. empee


    moved stop to breakeven, anyway i am long with a breakeven stop on nqz at 1589
  8. I'm sure you've heard the saying...

    "the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain liquid"

    Just a thought...