Long vs. Short to open?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by esc_trader, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Anyone like to short on this board? Personally, I like it alot better than buying, especially for NAS tech stocks! I probably do 85% shorts compared to 15% long to open a position. They fall apart so quickly on the illiquid ones, it's a beautiful thing. I can feel the longer term "investors" cringing!
  2. what stocks do you trade?
  3. Absolutely!! Since the market goes up and down everyday, you must be able to short (hit bids via bullets or conversions), and trade both sides of the market. If you don't, then you are missing 50% of the opportunities that avail themselves. We caution against "selling short" (since you are going against momentum).
  4. Vinny - Anything that has run up alot over the last few days, and looks like it will not take out previous day high in the morning, expecially on down days in the overall market. MSTR, RHAT, EXPE I have traded in the past..

    Don - You say that you discourage short selling. How would you distinguish that from getting the bullet and selling the stock (seems like the same thing to me..)?

    Is it me, but these people on CNBC are alot happier on up days. Is it really appropriate for them to cheerlead the mkt so obviously, I thought somebody was gonna break down and cry on there today.

    Today they came out and said that this down mkt is all due to Enron, and has "nothing to do with earnings". BS! Seems to me we bumped up against a pretty clear resistance level and there isn't a whole lot of confidence for people to start buying like nuts.
  5. Canyou elaborate on this Don?
    What momentum are you looking at?
  6. I just meant that "selling short" requires an uptick, which usually means that you're going against current momentum....you are right, using a bullet is the way to do it.