Long TMA....

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  1. Yes it's a gamble. Using it as a hedge here (last time I go into the weekend without one) @ support for my shorts.

    1.22 L.

    Think it's oversold and this seems like a nice strangle strategy for the cash market.
  2. How much money did you throw away?
  3. did the 417,000 limit for what Fannie and Freddie will cover ever get raised? I'm surprised how bad TMA has been getting squeezed given how disciplined their underwriting standards have been. you'd think that a Buffet, a sovereign fund, or somebody would throw them a bone. I think the TMA CEO has a lot of talent but never imagined the credit crunch would get this bad.
  4. gobar


    last day for margin call for TMA...

    they might file for bankruptcy on monday.
  5. Got the bounce in the market I was looking for here. Up 110 from the lows.

    TMA came with it
  6. does anybody know what kind of leverage ratio TMA has been using? what is typical for mortgage companies?
  7. A stock for the price of a call option with no expiration. :D
  8. Nobody 'throws a bone' in business unless it's a cash-flavored bone to themselves. TMA has margin calls it has no way of answering in such a short period of time.

    To describe a long position in TMA as a hedge is ridiculous - a hedge would be buying the QQQQs or a quality finance company that has no chance of bankruptcy but has been beaten up.
  9. lol You think I'm that stupid? whatever......

    I'm not using the Q's as a fucking hedge . Get your head out of the book dude.

    A call maybe? Sure THAT's probably what I should have used. But I wanted a long position
  10. what is the actual closing 4pm price for this? I see 1.79 on nasdaq.com, is that possible? the chart shows it lower
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