long the SPOOZ via RYDEX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oil_trader, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. look at the chart - green is a buy red is a sell....
    Used RYTNX for a 2:1 leverage
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  2. curious why you did not go long RYTNX a few days ago?

    ( note ... I am not long the rydex at this time )

    ps have you ever traded or taken longer term positions in other RYDEX funds ?
  3. New account and new strategy. My account just have cleared otherwise I would have....
    No, I have never played with Rydex, that's why I only use Scottrade's $2500 trades versus RYDEX own $25,000 limit.

  4. All Rydex does is take you position and offset it in the futures market and then charge you a management fee for their troubles. If you want a super leveraged position in the S&P then the mini futures is the way to go.
  5. I am trading a roth ira and I rydex is better suited for that. I know I could trade index futures but I just do not have the stomach and the need for that much leverage.
  6. Arnie


    wth is rydex?:confused:
  7. Bsulli



    not your typical mutual funds thats why people trade using them


    Good luck and good trading
  8. so how much is 200% inverse the market in futures???

    much easier with Rydex funds

    only thing is you can only trade eod