Long the NASDAQ

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MVP, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. MVP


    Back to 1400...

    in 2 weeks?

    INTC upgrade by Niles...

    runup into SEPT 11 WED coming!
  2. could be an oversold bounce coming. The problem is all the war talk and it being september.
  3. Its the weakest[ downtrend] of them all.

    We will watch for a bear rally any time;careful not to get chopped in a sideways trend.:cool:
    'The streets are paved with gold''
  4. MVP


    the NASDAQ is heading higher REGARDLESS what you call it.
  5. xtrader


    SQUEEZE those shorts... Those short funds just hit record $. Now watch them scream for cover.

    As corp. scandal news, IRAQ bs, etc. dissipates - the buyers have to step in.

    When the public buys in, then its time to sell...

  6. target SMH 29

    target QQQ 26+
  7. MVP


    Wow NDX is strong, next resistance level @ 970's.
  8. long while the weak hands still have fear...

    SEPT 11 is near

    and soon we'll see

    how long it will be

    for the bulls to take over for the end of year RUN
  9. MVP


    I made good $$$ on the NDX and tech stocks.

    How about you?
  10. Oh boy, the Lundyites are here.
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