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    I've been posting here now for almost 10 years. Short term trading has always been a mixed for me; for years I have had really good months, followed by months of losing or just breaking even. Anyway, I am of the opinion that short term day trading can only really be done by HFT, scammers such as Ross Cameron, or someone with their own algorithm. Either way, I am not in IT... maybe I'll develop my own program someday, but till then I plan on discussing my few long term ideas here. As years have taught me, I'm all about preserving money and managing risk and being very selective in my trades. Good long term trades come around once in a blue moon.

    I have about 200k in cash and am a full time student working on my doctorate which is paid for. I also have a pension so I don't need money to live. I really need to buy property...
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  2. For long term trades, I consider support, resistance and trend lines on weekly, daily and 15-30-1h charts. Futures and COT are very helpful for the commodity ETFs and indices. I think buying when the market is declining is what big boys do. Recently, I have had my eye on silver, oil and the indices.

    Sadly I was looking at SLV around 14.25 and just watched it as it rose to 16. Futures are currently showing solid resistance so I'm not interested anymore. See the sell off that happened today!

    I managed to buy into USO at the bottom, just noticing the hard support at 10.50ish. Futures had support at 50. I have scaled out of most of it after several green days. I took a small position of 400 shares, buying on the way down. I made a measly few hundred dollars from it...

    I bought into IWM this morning as well and scalped out. I really don't like buying things when they are going up...
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    PhD is waste of time lol... go out there and make $200k instead of $20k.... long term, QQQ buy and hold.
  4. I'm not doing a PhD... I'll make 1XXk+ when I'm done + bonus...;)
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    PHD without an MBA lacks the business expertise required to translate higher mathematics into a full time quantitive alpha position and his or her cv may simply be dismissed.
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    that means the real earning potential is $300k or so....
  7. Yup... the statistics say I would generate about 350k for a physician yes, so with independent state practice and a few more hours I could probably get to 250k or more.
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    then just buy and hold qqq at 12.5% annual return you multi-million in no time.... IWM is waste of time..
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    if you make $200k, you are a $4m bond yielding 5%... by getting to $300k your face value goes to $6m, the easiest $2m you make so far in your investment career...

    some point down the road when you have $10m, then you will have an easier $2m as that will just be a 20% return...

    nothing to it... you are sitting on a gold mine.