Long-Term Oil Price Charts on Interactive Brokers

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  1. Hi All,

    I have recently started trading futures with IB. In particular, I am looking to trade CL and QM. In doing so I like analyzing both longer-term price trends (i.e. 6+ months) as well as short-term trends. However, as volume throughout the year moves from one futures contract to the next, it isn't possible to get a good chart with 6+ months of price action.

    So, the question is: Is there a symbol that I can enter into IB to get a long-term view of oil prices. Same principal would apply for Gold and Silver as well.

    Any help appreciated.

    H. Blume
  2. b/c of contract rollover the only option you have is a continuous contract. try cl for oil and gc and si for gold and silver respectively. fyi the contango, backwardation isn't that big of a deal for gc/si as it is for cl.
  3. the short answer is no. There are some chart services that track the front month with volume, but you won't find that on ib.

    you can track an etf, like USO for crude or GLD for GC.

    but no, you won't find what you are looking for at ib.
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