Long term investing software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lightsedge, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Is there a good tool that can do (some of) the following:
    * Track a list of stocks
    * Apply customizable valuation models, e.g. DCF, to the stocks. I want to see at a glance when I might want to consider selling or buying a stock depending on its current vs target price.
    * Stock screener, preferable one that can screen on the above valuation models
    * Back test how well a basket of stocks picked by a given set of stock screening criteria would have performed.

    It seems like a lot of tools are targeted at automated or day trading strategies. Are there any that are useful for long-term investing? The idea is to let me trade as I do already, but do automate a lot of the calculations and tracking.
  2. AAII
  3. lightsedge, read "What works on Wall Street", 2005 version for a comparison of various backtesting strategies for long term investing.

    Yahoo Finance has a pretty decent free screener. In addition, the ValueLine database and screener are accessible online and a lot of the data downloads that can be automated using an Excel Spreadsheet. However, you do have to pay their subscription fees, which are pretty high. However, the way I got around this is that my local, public library had a full subscription to their database, which I am able to access from home using my library card.