Long Term Bottom in Commodity Blocs

Discussion in 'Forex' started by GlobalFinancier, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. http://www.marketwatch.com/News/Sto...45A-456C-920D-A14B71B2C8D2}&siteid=mktw&dist=

    Gold and oil are going thru the roof and are bullish and BIG MEDIA IS BEARISH ON COMMODITY BLOCS AFTER BEING BEARISH ON THE USD for SO LONG!

    At time of post:
    NZD/USD 0.6123
    AUD/USD 0.7127
    USD/CAD 1.1626

    They are also heavily oversold and the dailies support these pairs. Some candlestick pattern...
  2. BuMp.
    Day one goes well.
    AUD/USD 0.7162. I see much higher prices--- partial decline on hourlies.
    NZD/USD 0.6150 Breakout of inverted H&S.
    USD/CAD 1.1681, the only loss, but it'll come back.. soon
  3. All in the black.
    Don't worry, Soros told me he wants $50 billion of AUD so that'll provide support.
    J/K :D Disclaimer:For entertainment purposes only, though I remain bullish on commodity blocs.
  4. Am game with you on all but the NZD. The economy there is seriously headed to the exits. Rate cuts will happen in NZ this year, getting rid of the glamour of carry trade.
  5. Cover USD/CAD at market open for now. I see an intraday bottom for now.
  6. *expletive excluded* Covered too early.
    Keep shorting! Spot 1.1390.
  7. Cover and sell!
    USD/CAD 1.1115.
    AUD/USD circa 0.7700
    NZD/USD 0.6323.
  8. Long AUD/USD 0.7784 aiming for par :D