Long stock long more gold

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  1. Is the most awesome combination!!!
    Follow the trend.
  2. I'll be selling my long stock positions next week. This is November. If I had gold, I'd be selling that too.
  3. all the gold in the world can fit in a small building. And china wants to get out of dollars. Think about that. Sell dollars buy gold.
  4. Anybody buying gold at 1100 is wacko! Volume is declining too, right?
  5. Dunno, gold might go to 1500.

    Of course, it might not. I wouldn't buy it. But i also wouldn't short it.
  6. piezoe


    I don't know what China will do with their dollars, but if they have any sense at all they will use them to buy US assets, not gold.

    I would be seller of gold right now, not a buyer.
  7. china wants commodities and gold is the easiest to store.
  8. piezoe


    I'm not convinced that they are as interested in storing things as they are in protecting themselves against future U.S. inflation, and possibly even making a profit in constant dollars. But continue, nevertheless, with your thesis.
  9. Agree with the OP. Why fight Banana Ben and the Circus Fed?

  10. Gold is not for the faint of heart, however all bull markets end with some kind of a blow off top. Gold in 1980 was a blow off top as was the Nasdaq in 2000 along with the Nikkei in 1990. I don't see anything like that in gold now and I don't see the printing presses slowing down anytime soon.
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