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  1. @ 23.75.
  2. I will give updates. IMHO SNDK ready for some rebound.
  3. Just sold half of position @24.20. Try to let the rest ride. :)
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  5. So far a gain of 1,9% realized within 5 minutes. :)
  6. Sold the rest @ 24.28.
  7. The rest sold with a nice gain of 2,2%. Trade done.

    So far, all my trades posted here on ET in RT were 100% profitable. If you doubt this, check it out on your own.

    98% of you still have no clue what I'm doing.

    Good luck.
  8. Keep doing what you're doing :D

  9. Good Job!

    You trade any other instruments aside from stock equities?
  10. Nice trades
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