Long pharmaceuticals >> How The Army Helps Combat Veterans Adjust After Deployment

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    How The Army 'Helps' Combat Veterans Adjust After Deployment


    Long pharmaceuticals
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    large number of veterans are bound to return sooner or later, Obama sent 30 k more to Afghanistan alone

    When they come back they will all need drug cocktail just to function in normal society

    Anti - depressants use will sky rocket in today's economy for civilians without jobs as well

    Pharmaceuticals will make a killing $$$$$$$$$$ of Obama funny money which is for the time still usable.
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    which stocks in particular
  4. Whichever companies are getting the free opium from AFGN. AFGN is the Saudi Arabia of poppy, and some companies are getting their raw inputs (for opioids) for free/discounted from Uncle Sam's (often) random poppy confiscation missions.

    Makes you wonder who's pulling the strings.
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    So wars are not about spreading freedom, they are about making money and getting power.

    So why is USA in such huge debt. Who is getting rich is the question. It ain't the people that's for sure.
    People and soldiers get the shaft. Financial elite get power and money.