Long only day trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ang_99, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. mxjones


    I make 60%+ of my profits off shorts. I purely daytrade...this is frightening.

    I am sure it is possible, but I don't want to change.
  3. banning short selling has BIG impact on daytrading. Damn!
  4. we are doomed..

    Start looking for a new career folks!
  5. woohoo long only trading, everyone and their mother will become a trader now
  6. Cash is a position.

    All the volume will go out of the market. That can't be good.
  7. just21


    Remember Dow 36,000? Must get a copy from the Amazon, about to be pulped department!
  8. The sec is a worthless p.o.s and they continue to prove it day after day. None of their actions alleviate anything. If a company is going to go bankrupt, it will surely go and it is not the fuckin short sellers fault!! Look at fre and fnm and leh. Short selling was banned but still they are gone. If the markets are tanking, there is a fundamental reason there. This artificial crap will not prevent anything.
  9. this is like a sign-END OF AMERICA
  10. mrmoose


    if you are short are you bought in?
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