Long Oil at Open

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by The Kin, Sep 18, 2005.

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  2. It's not gonna help repairs and some rigs will be evacuated at the very least. So even under the best case scenario, it's enough to cause further supply problems to an existing tight market.

    plus oil has already falle significantly from its high.

    The weather will already be priced in if you take the wait and see apporach.
  3. ^ that was in reply to a post which no longer exists? :( :confused:
  4. Hello all...
    I am new to this...been trading stocks though...
    some of are experts in this, without a doubt...,
    I don't know but I think 67.55 to 63.19 range seems tradeable...IMO..
    I won't trade it now..but we'll see next week...
    if any could comment...TIA
  5. The current trend for oil is down, due to decreasing demand.

    Also, OPEC is meeting on Monday and may announce increased production.

    Going long on oil could be a high risk trade, imho.
  6. the story also ends this way, you keep watching it, it keeps going up. but watching it is better than losing money. so I will watch a bit too. :D
  7. :) ..
    Thanks alot guys...I appreciate it!!
  8. maybe it will turn into a 5 and hit houston --- then everyone will have to go back to the superdome as the astrodome is getting pounded. :D

    OK federal government --- get the next 50 billion printed up and ready.
  9. The trend is down? Are you kidding?
    OPEC is a joke..they have zero validity..

    Every trade is a high risk trade, imho...

    Believe what you will...
  10. I'm far from an expert so correct me if I'm wrong.
    Isn't OPEC already operating at peak capacity?

    Plus Natural Gas season is just about to begin. A colder than usual winter is forcasted. Many states are introducing bills for the government to subsidize natural gas prices for the poor and middle class to prevent them from freezing in the winter.
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