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  1. I don't hear anyone ever discuss nat gas.

    Nat gas is in an area (trendline support) where I want to be a buyer. I'm waiting to see if it will hold around or above the 3.33 area before going long. I think if Nat Gas takes out 3.46 in the next week it's going to run for a while.

    From the COT report it seems like large specs are reducing their short positions.

    I'm not an expert with spreads yet but it seems like some of the longer dated spreads like NGH3-NGZ3 are beginning to perk up a bit.

    What do yall think?
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    I think the NGH3 have an LT of 2/26/13
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    maybe you should start Natural Gas redux, instead of ":bias: natural"... :D
  4. i've followed the nat gas story for my entire 1.3 year trading career.. one of those things i called my uncle about who was big in the drilling business to talk about.....
  5. This came in via Jefferies, Feb 7, before the number:
    via Macquarie, Feb 8:
  6. there are some very knowledgeble people on this site, involved in the industry

    like one guy said, "I'd be willing to give up 30% of my profits if I could find a good weatherman."

    everybody knows how this goes with corn or wheat

    if it's warm they don't need it

    if it's cold they do

    and if it gets really hot they may need some more

    there is no shortage, plenty of supply

    so it's all just a matter of demand
  7. well nothing to do this week in nat gas. I think it's inevitable that we'll make some new lows next week. Lets see how far it drops at this point.
  8. Your the one with the position you should be telling us.

  9. just follow the price. for example, in the middle of this past week price rose b/c of the expected winter storm/cold temps then it gave back all the gains and more - that is a sign the market wants to go lower when it reverses on bullish news.
  10. I like BAS as a natural gas play.
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