Long Lean Hogs in the limit: carry over the WE?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TraDaToR, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I took this nice trend this morning on August Lean Hogs, and i am now long into the limit...

    Do you think i can carry this position into the WE if it stays limit or is it too risky ? Any fundamentals to take into account...

    Thanks for your advices.
  2. TraDaToR


    I am out right now but do I try to take some for the WE if it goes limit again?
  3. COF numbers this afternoon
    Cold storage numbers next week
    Grain Report on the 30th..

    There's no shortage of the pig...

    I almost shorted it yesterday, but I'm glad they didn't take my bid...

    Busy writing call spreads in the Oct/Dec Cattle..
  4. TraDaToR


    Thanks a lot.

    Was the trend due to the COF numbers ?

    I definitely have to learn more about fundamentals. I just scalp and make overnight trades when it goes limit but I don't know anything about what is driving prices in ags...

    However, I realized that keeping a position over the WE just because the market has gone limit is not really bright( even if you got a statistical edge )

  5. If you hold over weekend what you can do is just maybe throw a long on a front month just to be safe but I think you'll be fine man. Have a good weeke nd
  6. TraDaToR


    I don't understand. That's what I wanted to be ... Long august hogs, unhedged... I just trade in the direction of the limit.

    However, it has retraced now and I'm out. I made a nice gain in the uptrend and got out 6-7 ticks under the limit.

    Good WE all.
  7. TraDaToR


    If you want some, it will be locked limit again soon...
  8. Watch the cattle scum jack it up before the COF numbers this afternoon, and then crash it when the numbers come out...
    That's what I see them doin..
    I could be totally wrong. But that's my longer term bet..