Long JPY crosses, Japanese finance minister is determined to combat strong YEN

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  1. Japan intervened to weaken the yen for the third time this year and pledged more sales after the currency’s gain to a postwar high against the dollar threatened a recovery from the March 11 earthquake and nuclear disaster.

    The yen plunged more than 4 percent to 79.20 after authorities sold the currency in a unilateral intervention. Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi said the move was carried out to combat “one-sided speculative moves that don’t reflect the economic fundamentals of our economy.”

    Azumi pledged to keep selling the yen in the foreign- exchange market after the currency reached a high of 75.35 against the dollar earlier today. It was the first yen-selling action by Japan since August. The yen and the Swiss franc have soared to records as investors sought havens from Europe’s fiscal debt woes.