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  1. Looking for a firm in Long island. anyone know of any contacts?
  2. I assume you are looking for an office where they will provide you with equipment and a seat? If so please specify where you are and/or a radius of where you are willing to travel to the office.

    If not there are hundreds of bucket shops who will let you trade remote. Your location does not matter.

    I'd suggest staying retail as long as possible and then going Portfolio Margin. Everyone says that 50% of $500k is better than 100% of $100k however if you do the math between a retail account at $30k & 4:1 and a Portfolio Margin account at 6.6:1 with $100k you will find that it isn't a long time.

    You are far, far better to stay retail and avoid the BS than you are to go prop and try for 50% of $500k (IMHO).
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    Epiphany! Kidding; sorry could not resist.

  4. Im in Smithtown, NOrth shore of Long Island... Looking to travel to 110 Melville/Huntington area if there are any locations out there in Nassau County. Why do you think retail is better than 50% of 500K?
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    Would like to know of LI offices as well.