Long Island Area Golfers?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by ess1096, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. ess1096


    Anyone interested in placing your stop orders and going out for a round of golf one weekday? If we could get a foursome of traders together it could make for a cool day. And as full time traders we don't have to ask the boss for the day off.

    It's just my first year golfing but I am addicted!

    Just a thought.:)
  2. where on long island? any where near glen cove?
  3. ess1096


    I don't have a preference. Anywhere in the area of Long Island or the 5 Boroughs. Once we get a foursome we can take a vote.
    Anyone else interested?
  4. I'd be interested (I work for a wall st firm, so I *do* have to ask for time off - LOL)

    but - I'm sure I can get out and shoot a few rounds... Is there a GC in Manhasset?
  5. And make a reservation for Bethpage and I'd come down for that .

    I not very good (mid 90's is an average day) but always love to play and toss back some cold ones.

    steelers crushing Seahawks today!! Oh yeah.


    That's my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. [​IMG]

    CBK ironing his golf pants in 2007 :D
  7. ess1096


    Looks like this idea is gaining interest. Plus I got a PM on the subject.
    I'll second the vote for Bethpage (what color?) but it doesn't have to be Bethpage.
    Any other suggestions? Date and time suggestions?
    I'd prefer a weekday over a weekend.
  8. the State Pk. GC's in Bethpage off of 135?
  9. Yeah, you can get there from 135. It's where the US Open was held back in 2002.