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  1. Anyone know what, if any, news is out on this thing? It has just skyrocketed in the past few days.

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    Now that the BBC (biased broadcasting corporation) have got Labour re-elected they are scaring everybody with talk of a recession. Bank of England have replied by saying interest rates may decline this year. Market was expecting a rise.
  3. the great unwinding of some debt-hedge package that unravelled a few days ago....

    the dead and wounded have yet to make a public appearence at the side of the road but you may begin peering under the rocks of Cayman based hedge funds to find the purveyor of such folly........

    an opinion of course..........
  4. Thanks just, that is really interesting, I didn't think there was any news.


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  6. Still long from 112.67 on 5/13, just bought bonds and 10yrs the past couple days. Can't believe we are still long these things, but if they can keep up the rally it will cause the yeild curve to flatten more and maybe get Greenspan to flinch, then we would see a fucking rally.

  7. I'm trying to guess how an unwrapped euro will slosh around the credit markets...

    I want to short the 10 year like 500 million other people, but don't want to get trampled by euro credit refugees.....
  8. how are the Guilts trading tonite since the snail charming frog flippers borked the Euro?
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