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Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. I started out short eur short usd

    what a horrible way to start 2013

    finally about new years eve

    I got it through my head that most of this qeI was already priced in

    since then I've been neutral usd and long eur

    man, this eur just won't quit

    I've gotten flat, took profits, and added and it just keeps going

    I guess eventually we are going to hit a top

    It's just a mirror image of last summer, when all the easy money was short eur.aud
  2. Eyez


    I guess it's time to go short now...
  3. You have a sense for calling major reversals?
  4. contra


    I don't want to call a top or anything but PA looks a bit bearish here for a pullback to 3575 ahead of ECB possibly down to 3500 in due time?

    Weeklies closed bullish but Daily and 4hr don't look so hot. Some profit taking in order perhaps. Daily $DXY looks bullish also off the lows on Friday.

    Euro overall looking strong though. Major target above is 3800/3833. Look out for some comments on Euro rate.
  5. back last summer, after they got done trashing it, especailly against aud, it just chopped for quite a while. People began complaining that all the volatility was out of the fx mkt.

    this has been a strong move up, wouldn't be surprised to see it chop and shake out all the trend traders.
  6. Daring


    It makes much more sense when the guesswork is taken out of the trading.
  7. Why is the Euro strong? It's obviously not because Europe is strong. The stronger the Euro, the closer the whole experiment comes to breaking. I think this goes much higher until one morning you wake up and it's gapped down 10c.
  8. it makes a lot of sense when you guess right, then you can tell everybody, "I told you so."
  9. What guess work in trading? Hahs