long ES option and...does its value count for daytrade margin for ES future?

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  1. long ES option and...does its value count to daytrade margin for ES future?..say I have $5,000 in my account and I am long 1 ES option whose value is $4,000...during the day I want to daytrade the ES or any other emini YM,NQ...can I daytrade with the whole $5,000 as margin or would there only be $1,000 to daytrade with and the other $4,000 is "frozen"?...this is an example...simply wondering if the value of a current option position counts toward available margin to daytrade...only talking daytrading eminis while holding the ES option position..thanks for letting me know...
  2. I would imagine it does not matter if the long option was a Crude Oil option and then wanted to daytrade the eminis...
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    If I own stock on margin, can I use that margin to buy more stock. And then use that margin to buy more, and use the margin of the margin to buy more? Or is it "frozen"?

    Why would its value count toward ES futures?

    If you have 4k of a 5k account tied up in margin, why would any broker let you put on the same position again?

    Because if the margin you put up was money you could use for other trades you theoretically belong an infinite number of ES in a 5k account
  4. trading stock on margin is different than SPAN requirements for futures...thanks for your 'stock' answer though...please chime in futures traders...need your help