Long ES 1301

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  1. Long ES 1301

  2. lol good luck with that:D
  3. Thx, I imagine a short covering behind the supports (not failed at the yesterday's close).

    But thx again.
  4. trendo


    Suggestion: Confine your ES trading calls to a single thread.
  5. Good Idea "Trendo": like a journal ?

    the problem is the order of the posts of the first to the last which I do not appreciate. But thank you, finally somebody of pleasant and who proposes instead of criticizing negatively.

    Best regards.
  6. TRS


    Stop @ ?

    What is your target?
  7. TRS


    Have a look at the 'ES Journal'
  8. Good questions TRS,

    The Targets are working on the chart but that will depend on your horizon of time. Overnight or overweek OK or Not.

    The stop loss is a mental stop cause i see the situation changed with time but ALWAYS a crash stop.

    My crash stop protects my capital: 2% (Risk Management)
    So, I manage my inventory like hedge fund traders.
  9. TRS


    Thanks for clarifying
  10. Target 1319

    Stop win 1308 (mini 7ptsES)
    #10     Jul 12, 2011