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    at $52.
  2. Man, I missed 3 days of trading being away. Pretty pissed missing more of these swings.

    Nice short covering rally Thursday afternoon and another desperation FED move on Friday to end the bleeding in the DOW. I don't buy we are out of the woods yet...

    I think I need 12,200 on the DOW or 58-59 on DXD to be break even and wipe my hands clean of that position. I should have stepped up and averaged down at 13,700-14k DOW last month but pussied out.

    I think we'll go back and forth on the DOW and stay in a tighter range until when everyone least expects it and we wake up sub-12k DOW on a healthy 7-8% dip in the index.

    The other side of the coin of course is that the last few days was just the "10% correction" from the high's last month and its up, up, and away again. Who the hell knows...
  3. Dude, time to load up again. If we go to session high's or 13,500, I am averaging down and picking up a few hundred shares at $49 and change. Sucker rally.
  4. Look at the 9 month chart. There was a perfect double botttom rebound form March lows. No way in hell dow going sub 13000.
  5. Dude, markets don't just keep going up and up. Buy the dips, sell into strength. Short the intermediate tops and cover on weakness. Rinse and repeat or just watch from the sidelines while traders make money.

    Buy and hold just hoping things go higher and higher is for suckers and Cramer people.
  6. And how do you define weakness? Such a vague term.
  7. Donkey, I will take some profits today and nibble at the dip and buy a little DDM. This is a day of weakness where I cover. You continue to watch us traders make money while you play in the sand with your paper account.
  8. God, you think you finally get rid of him, and someones quotes his idiotic posts! Stock i'm surprised you can spell weakness. It is not a term in you're vocabulary, as you think the mkt only goes higher. You just keep your head buried in the sand and think happy thoughts, the rest of us will just keep trading away.
  9. While you keep pissing money away is what you mean.

    Gimes you're a noob. Not once have you posted any of your trades on this forum.
  10. Nope I have a real account, making real money.

    You are still thousands of dollars in the hole from your DXD long months ago.
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