Long call repair?

Discussion in 'Options' started by turkeyneck, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. My long AAPL Apr 320 Call @ 34.7 is under water. Apart from converting it into a bull call spread, is there any better way to repair it to lower the breakeven without increasing the risk too much? Thanks!
  2. Why did you let that run 12+ points against you?

    Take the loss and move on.
  3. convert to a fly.... but I agree that waiting this long with expiration looming has taken away your options. Close it and re-evaluate your call. Perhaps May? If your bullish why not do a put credit spread.
  4. simonep


    How much is your call worth now?
    And the same call with 310$ strike?
  5. Time machine?
  6. Crispy


    Whats your current stance on the name?
  7. Sell and buy 8 contracts of AAPL Apr 2011 345.00 calls @ $4.00

  8. Took loss and moved on.