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  1. Where are you located?
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  2. expiated


    North Long Beach, 20 miles south of Los Angeles.
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  3. drmark27


    In my experience, it's incredibly difficult to find other people who are serious about attending trading Meetups and willing to commit time (and or some money to cover expenses). It's also hard to find other serious traders willing to commit time on a regular basis for collaboration.

    I think one problem has to do with the specific strategies and/or markets we all trade and the beliefs underlying them.

    Kudos to you for trying, expiated! I've been wanting to start a Meetup for a long time but haven't over doubts that I'd find anyone in my local area with whom I can work.

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  4. expiated


    I just heard a Raman Gill Desire to Trade interview on YouTube where she mentioned that there was a time when she got a bunch of people together and said, “Hey, let’s do our analysis together.” But it turned out that she was always the one who did the analysis. She also mentioned that she started a meetup group, but she didn’t say anything more about it, so I don’t know if anything came of that either. Perhaps there simply aren’t that many people with the fortitude to grant trading the commitment it demands.
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  5. Just saw this thread. I'm thinking about forming a trading and investing club at LBCC these upcoming couple of months. Since I am a student there. We will introduce topics like forex and stocks. I aiming to bring some experience to the table from the students. We will be able to formulate trade ideas for fun and get together ideas. I would like for you expiated to come by when things get started and established. You can come by and be a quick guest speaker and then we can get down to formulating a trade idea and share trade ideas with everyone. So until things get situated and ready I think it would be cool to have you join! This will be my first time creating a club so there won't be extravagant displays or anything but hopefully this will be a nice thing.
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  6. expiated


    I am an educator by trade, so just let me know. I'm always happy to bring whatever enlightenment I can offer wherever possible.
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  7. drmark27


    I think that's part of it. I also think people who do trade and who are at least semi-serious have about as many different trading interests as the number of people themselves. That makes developing community much more difficult. I am a full-time trader, for example, but I don't have a background in Forex and am therefore not very interested in it.
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  8. ZBZB


    Are you still trading the 100dma idea you explained in your first chart posting?
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  9. expiated


    Since the image I believe you are referring to is an hour chart, I'll use "period" in place of "day" (assuming 100dma is an abbreviation for 100-day moving average).

    I actually don't use standard moving averages, but posted that image simply as an approximation of my actual approach. However, if I were to equate what you saw there to what I was doing recently, then basically, I still use the 5-, 10-, and 50-period simple moving averages, but dropped the 20-period because it lagged too far behind the short-term trend, and deleted the 100-period because, as an intraday trader, I found it to be essentially irrelevant.

    However, here is a "side-by-side" comparison of that setup with the one I have on trial right now...

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  10. ironchef


    @stepandfetchit had a group that met regularly in OC (Newport Beach, not sure if they discuss forex though).

    I trade full time but prefer to practice alone and I like ET because it allows anonymity.
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