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    GBPUSD only climbed as high as 1.3047 (about 27 pips) before heading south once again.


    This, combined with the fact that my suspicion NZDUSD might turn north was invalidated on Sunday, led me to reevaluate the configuration I was using for my four-hour chart setup. I believe the new setup has more validity, with the subsequent forecasts I've made based on its interpretation unfolding as expected. That said, I am now watching to see if USDCHF might be reversing north. I will consider this possible development as being confirmed if the pair remains above 1.0075 more-or-less for the next day or two.
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    I am now long USDCHF. Let's see if I'm still in profit territory this Sunday. My new 4-hour chart configuration suggests to me that CADJPY has now reversed north as well.

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    So has USDJPY (@ 109.81).
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    USDCHF has climbed from 1.0075 to 1.0108, about 33 pips so far.
    CADJPY got as high as 81.96 before losing a little ground, and USDJPY is somewhere around 110.05, up 24 pips from 109.81.

    (See ya Sunday.)
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    I took a USD/JPY trade the other night... but I'm by Long Beach in NY.

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    We will be meeting in Lakewood, California. Nonetheless, I'm hoping to see USDJPY follow through by continuing to head north so I can enter subsequent long positions with a relatively high degree of confidence.

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    The graph below shows the last performance results I posted to this forum (on Wednesday) and roughly reflects the kind of daily results I expect from the system I described on May 5th. I was trading 0.01 lots, so for the individual who said he is trading 0.05 lots, this would have resulted in about a $50.00 gain for the day.

    ScreenHunter_4949 May. 15 10.33.jpg
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    On the off chance that you need to look at the two screen sharing administrations I'm as of now

    taking a gander at before we get together today, they are Mikogo and Join.me...
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  9. When will you have you next MeetUp? Can anyone attend or is it invite only?
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    Anyone can attend, but at the last get together, I was the only one who showed up on time, so I left after waiting five minutes. I'm not originally from California and I've never managed to adapt to the "routinely show up 30 minutes late" that seems to be so common among many Southern Californians. I will stick around for about 15 minutes at the most for something I really, really want to see happen, but that's about tops for me. (I have a lot I would rather be doing than waiting around for others to show up, so I go do it.)

    I had one guy contact me since then through the Meetup app asking when was the next meeting, but I have not heard from him since, and I'm no longer paying Meetup to keep that means of communication open. Another guy might be following me through this forum, but if so, he is not communicating with me and is apparently just keeping track of my posts.

    This is not simply a pastime or hobby for me, so I'm thrilled to interact with others who are serious about this, but I'm not sure how many people actually fit that description. Should I meet one or more people locally who do, and who can commit to "joining forces" to move forward together—to everyone's mutual benefit—that would be fantastic!

    Otherwise...better I should just continue this pursuit on my own.
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