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    Hi guys!

    The next meetup is scheduled for 4:00 PM on Sunday, May 5, 2019 at the same location in the Lakewood Center Mall. (This is a Los Angeles/Orange County area group—not Nassau County.)
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    Yeah, we knew this I think.

    Nothing happens in LB, New York except shitty cops and high beach fees.
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    you never know.
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    I probably won't bring my laptop with me tomorrow (Sunday) so I'm posting these images here in case I mention what I did on Friday and someone asks to see what I'm talking about...




    ScreenHunter_4844 May. 04 18.51.jpg

    (P.S. Since you won't have a Dynamic Price Range Envelope, it looks to me like you could probably use a 20-period simple moving average envelope in its place.)
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    If you want to check out the two screen sharing services I'm currently
    looking at before we get together today, they are Mikogo and Join.me...

    ScreenHunter_4846 May. 05 01.27.jpg ScreenHunter_4845 May. 05 01.26.jpg
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    Speaking of economic calendars, previously my favorite was the one offered by Markets.com, but unfortunately, it can no longer be accessed by U.S. citizens. I therefore had to look for an alternative.

    I believe one group member said he uses the calendar made available by Forex Factory, which is my (second) favorite (too) among those that were left. However, the one I liked the best turned out to be the economic calendar provided by DailyFX.

    My third favorite choice is the calendar that can be accessed at Forex.com. I did not like any of the other options available at the time however (2014) enough to include them in my notes.
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    The next get together is scheduled for Sunday, May 19, 2019. I forget the time, but I'm assuming it's the same (4:00 p.m.) so please correct me if I'm wrong, thanks.
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    I know one of you trades off of 4-hour charts. Right now, I'm watching my NZDUSD chart closely for a possible buy signal somewhere above 0.6591.
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    This plan was invalidated today (Sunday) when the rate fell below 0.6592.
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    Three days going nowhere suggests to me that GBPUSD is more apt to reverse north than to continue heading south.

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