Long ATM GS puts...where are we going by friday?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Uncle_Ho, May 12, 2009.

  1. Long 140 puts and 145 puts.

    Stock price 135.

    Where do you think we are headed by friday? If we dip into the 120's these could be worth a lot.
  2. If we dip into the 110's they will be worth even more

    If we undip into the 140s they will be worthless.

  3. there will be a separation of good banks and bad banks by the market when this is over. With the good banks reaping the rewards.

    The line is already started being drawn. GS and JPM are the front runners on the good bank side. I would not bet against those 2. Just my $0.02

    And this thread really has nothing to do with options, you are just asking for a directional bet prediction while the market is standing on a balance beam after a major rally, it could go either way.

    what kind of answers are you expecting exactly?