Long and Short at the same time

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    Can this be done on the emini's. Do you have to open a new account or can you have a sub account within your regular one. Anyone do this with IB or Tradestation??
  2. Why would you want to do this with futures?
    It's not like there's some uptick rule or shorts won't be available soon.
  3. probably 2 accounts.
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    Two different strategies. Problem is entries and exits overlap. So a short may be put on before a long trade is exited. And yes there are times when positions will be hedged but thats part of the system and would only be for a short duration.
  5. what if you just buy or sell a different contract month? Just a thought.
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    If I trader different months of say the YM or ES, wouldn't I run into liquidity issues, especially for the YM?

    My knowledge of Futures are limited. I trade Stocks. Just looking to expand

    Plus its cheaper than trading DIA's or SPY's. :D
  7. You can go long June index futures, and short Sep.
  8. there's no problem doing this - of course, the real challenge if manually doing this is keeping track of everything.

    you can even do it at the same time on the same contract. When long and short simultaneously, you end up with a neutral position, but with stops and profit targets in place, that serve to return each respective position back to neutral.
  9. total profit at the end of the day is equal to sum(notional_sell_prices) - sum(notional_buy_prices). how does having buys or sells on different accounts have ANY effect on end of day profit. my current understanding is that long and short on the _same_ security at a single time is all smoke and mirrors. totally useless.
  10. With equities, doing it is illegal. The only way it could work is in some kind of launder game.
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