Loners get easily suckered into daytrading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Nobody makes money alone.
    You just can not make money on your own, without other people.

    Loners are losers.

    So loners think they may compensate their lack of social skills (a must in ANY business endeavour), with trading "skills".
    A sucker's game.
  2. l2tradr


    Why are you actively posting on a trading site?
  3. Because I have some free time today in the morning.

    I don't post everyday, nor I have the time to do so.

    And I want to give advice to those intelligent enough to read and apply it.
  4. I trade alone, but I am not a loner. I have a wife, children, many friends and an active social life... But I don't need anybody else to make money trading.
  5. Like all your other posts, it is clear that trading is a sucker's game for people like you who cannot trade.

    How exactly will "social skills" (i.e. bullshitting) help your trading?
  6. sounds like the bitter ramblings of a loser.
  7. Lethn


    Whenever people call people who want to go into trading losers or claim they're going to lose it just makes me want to try it out even more to see if it's really true.

    I even made a thread about it :)
  8. What a joke.
    You have some "free time today" ?
    You have posted 1000x a year since you joined, almost three posts/day.
    But you "don't have time" ?
    Based on the stupidity and contradictions in your post, I think the "intelligent" thing to "apply" is to ignore everything you write.


  9. What makes you think you are in a position to give advice on trading?

    You tried to trade SSO and failed! You think we don't know this?
  10. Your post count says you have posted 3109 times since Dec 2006.
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